About Kastor

Born and raised in Quebec (Valleyfield), Kastor has studied Typography and Photography in Montréal and worked for various photographers in the Grunge scene of Seattle (US) and in France. She lived in Paris for 12 years where she studied Digital Arts & Philosophy. Settled back in Quebec since 3 years, she is eager to put to profit the experiences she has gathered.

During her stay in Paris, she has worked as a photo-journalist and as an assistant editor on ethnologic & sociologic researches on the techno music scene. She was responsible for putting in place the first documentation center on Multimedia art in France. Since 2005 she has created and is hosting a blog on French and Quebecer expressions, that has been noticed by Radio France Inter, and has initiated the constitution of a Wikipedia portal on electronic music for which she was interviewed by Trax Magazine. She has initiated and hosts a Facebook group of art lovers of more than 20,000 members to this day.

As a multimedia artist she showed her work at the Heart Galerie and at the Museum of Modern Art of Paris. She has also collaborated with a veejay collective during techno gatherings in various settings and bars (Rex, Webbar,…). Her video work addresses the issues of the place of science in our everyday life and of the climate change with an esthetic concern for movement and decay. Interested in the Japanese culture at large and architecture, she is now compiling photography books on these subjects. Kastor also broadcasts her interest for art, architecture and design on MTLArchitectureInstagram and Pinterest. In addition, she still writes on Quebec and French expressions on her blog Quebechisme. You can also follow her on Twitter and Tumblr.

Photo de Claudia Leduc à Berlin