Natural Disaster or Pleasures of the Stratospheric Floe

Video of 4 min. 17 (1998) in collaboration with hardcore techno musician La Peste.

Made with found footage of the massive ice storm that hit Quebec in 1998, this video is a reflection on irreversibility and the necessity to go on with life even after sharp and perpendicular turning points.

Coaxial Circumvolution

Video of 30 min. (1999) with live music by hardcore musician Mouche Sans L.

Two opposite outlooks compose the vision of the world: one is passive, seeing the world revolve around us and perceiving ourself as a fixed point in an immense circumvolution; the other is that of a progressive motion towards the others and the unknown, a force that moves us ahead, to the next point. Both perceptions are forming into a discontinuous one, alternating with more or less haste, more or less languor. I wanted this slow ambiant video to account for the whirling of life. Coaxial or circumvolutive, movements on our round earth can only be but dizzying.

The Hypochondriac Necrophile

Video of 8 min. (2000) in collaboration with hardcore techno musician La Peste.

Made from found footage, this video reappropriates the clinical outlook of several medical documentaries on the human body, inside and out. Deliberately shocking, it gradually moves deeper into the flesh to give us a physical sensation, bringing us back to our own bodily presence.

© Kastor-o-rama