Michael Jackson Project

Currently working on a sound piece.
Being a 10-year old and hearing Michael Jackson’s album Thriller you can’t help but feeling a little aroused by the oohs and ahhs of the androgynous ephebe. You know it’s stupid and useless: Michael’s never gonna be yours, nevermind what he swears thru all of his songs. This is just another charming prince from the next generation fairy tale and, you know it, he is not going to listen to you “every day and every night”. But listening to the oohs and ahhs varying in intensity and intonations, you find yourself caught up in a dream… Yes, the little cougar on Michael’s knees on the album cover does make you queasy… And Michael is all very worldly but you just can’t seem to picture him with the opposite sex. All the same, you keep listening to his infinite lingerings, so perfect and relevant for someone who has a whole life ahead of her…
2013 © Kastor-o-rama

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